Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yakhont missile drowned KRI U.S. Made

Missile (missile) Yakhont Navy property purchased from the Russians succeeded in carrying out its functions in the trial in the Indonesian Ocean.

The missile, which has a speed of 2 Mach (or the equivalent of twice the speed of sound), with a maximum range of 300 km and 300 kg explosive power was successfully sunk former warship KRI Teluk Bayur-502 made in the United States at a distance of 250 km.

"In today's Navy successfully fired a missile Yakhont and declared the former Gulf Bayur sinking ship," said Chief of Naval Information Centre Rear Admiral Iskandar Sitompul told the press on top of KRI Surabaya-591 in the Indian Ocean, Wednesday, April 20, 2011.

Yakhont missile fired from KRI Oswald Siahaan-354 (type-class missile frigates Destroyer Watchtower Vanspijk) around 10:30 noon.

All journalists from various media who participated in the group KRI Surabaya-591 missile firing directly documenting Yakhont by KRI Oswald Siahaan-354.

Demonstration starts with a few maneuvers and demonstrations carried a warning that OWA KRI-354 to the target. Then, in the end missile scored.

With super speed and noise, Yakhont missiles hurtling towards a target in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Only a matter of seconds, the flash of missing missiles.

With the distance of fire that reached 250 km, not allowing the media, officials and crew of the Navy warship KRI Surabaya-591 missiles to see first hand the KRI Teluk Yakhort meluluhlantahkan Bayur-502.

In addition Yakhont missile launch, the Navy also launched another missile with the same goals. The missile is, Excocet MM 40 and French-made Mistral was launched KRI Sultan Hassanudin-366. As well as the Sea Cat is scored by KRI Karel Satsuit Tubun-356.

Besides the three missiles possessed reliable, the Navy also showed other strategic weapon skill is, Torpedo Sut who scored Cakra-401 submarine and anti-submarine rocket RBU-6000 that spewed KRI Cut Nyak Dien-375.

Iskandar said that in addition to know the reliability, accuracy and power targets destroyed generated, this time trial is also intended to enhance the ability of the elements of the Navy in carrying out combat operations sea.

According to him, as the country's largest archipelago, Indonesia is very vulnerable to potential threats from other countries by sea. Thus, as one tool of national defense, the Navy demanded an active role to preserve and defend the sovereignty of Indonesia.

"Therefore, there needs to be graded and tiered training to enhance professionalism and the instinct of combat soldiers. And the operational readiness of defense equipment," he said.



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