Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Justin Bieber Fans Denied, SM * SH Cancel So Opener Concert

Boy band from Bandung, BC * SH canceled a concert opener Justin Bieber at the Sentul International Convention Center (SICC) on 23 April. The Gruvi Belieber prefer to open the concert band idol.

"We've tried to throw on Twitter, try BC * SH, but the protest did not want. Then finally we try Gruvi to agree," said PR Diamonds Entertainment, Rizka during a press conference in Bloming Bar & Resto, FX Plaza on Wednesday (20 / 4 / 2011).

Today, concert tickets chanter 'Baby' is already sold out. Parties urged the fans Bieber promoter that can not be a ticket for not coming to an arena concert.

A total of 10,054 tickets were distributed are sold out. If no ticket, then do not come there because by trying to buy fake tickets through brokers or other means, scared a lot of fraud, "said CEO of the Entertainment Diamonds, Dino Hamid.

A 1000 mix of police officers, military, Kopasus, Mobile Brigade and also the security of private parties were deployed to secure the concert Bieber. According to the promoter, the singer is rumored to be dating actress Selena Gomez was also not asked for the weird when you are in Indonesia.

"special request does not exist, the standard international artist wrote. Ask the five star hotels and the best car. Anyway JB asked for all the best," added Dino.



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