Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why Ba'asyir Wear Crocs Sandals?
Defendant also alleged terrorist leader Ansharut Jamaat Tawhid (Jat), Abu Bakar Ba'asyir, has been several times and out of the courtroom for the case of terrorist training in military camps in Aceh.

There is one habit that often do Ba'asyir each trial. Ba'asyir must wear the famous high-priced sandals, Crocs.

Watchlist, Ba'asyir was wearing sandals, a creamy brown color, each time undergoing trials in the South Jakarta District Court, Monday, April 18, 2011.

Ba'asyir was one of the tough with the United States any products. But this time Ba'asyir does not care about wearing one of the Colorado-made products, American.

According Ba'asyir, in addition to beliefs and religious issues, no problems using American-made goods. "Affairs of the world we can just use their tools, which should not be a problem of confidence. For not forbidden," Ba'asyir said on the sidelines of the trial case of terrorists.

If the world's problems, continued Ba'asyir, everyone must cooperate and please help. "Included with the country being fought it," he explained.

Crocs Sandals American products that had become a trend in Indonesia was also made ​​in several other countries. Countries that produce licensed products Crocs, among others in Canada and Mexico. There is also the manufacturer of slippers 'crocodile' was in Italy, Romania, Bosnia, Herzegovina, and China.



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