Ford Figo Wait Indonesia Entry

Still remember with Ford's small car that is Figo. Rumored cars manufactured in India are going to 'epidemic' and promptly enliven Indonesia asphalt road.Because this time the Ford distributor in the country, PT Ford Motor Indonesia (FMI) is studying the compatibility or not Indonesia's market for these cars.

Most Motorist Violating Traffic Rules in Jakarta

Directorate of Traffic Jakarta police have been cracking down 103,734 riders during Operation Jaya 2011 Sympathetic held since 28 March to 17 April 2011 then

Acts Mosque Built One Night

There are hundreds of places of worship Muslims in Jakarta is an old building, even more than four centuries old. The oldest one is the Mosque of Al-Alam, in Kampung Pulo Marunda RW 07 Marunda, Cilincing, North Jakarta.The mosque that stood since the 1600's, has its own historical value.

Among artists will create works of art threatens the object image as the capitol of the world's largest toilet

Among artists will create works of art threatens the object image as the capitol of the world's largest toilet. The threat is intended as an act of concern among the artists who saw members of parliament who continue to impose the desire to build a new building."We see this week, if not converted my demo

Why Ba'asyir Wear Crocs Sandals?

Defendant also alleged terrorist leader Ansharut Jamaat Tawhid (Jat), Abu Bakar Ba'asyir, has been several times and out of the courtroom for the case of terrorist training in military camps in Aceh.There is one habit that often do Ba'asyir each trial. Ba'asyir must wear the famous high-priced sandals, Crocs

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ask PPI Fakir Comparative Study of Poor House to Australia Recorded

Intention of the House of Representatives Commission VIII members who will study the appeal of the needy people in Australia has been unstoppable. Therefore, the Indonesian Students Association (PPI) in Australia will oversee all activities of members of the Board, including doing the recording.

This request is actually being delivered in Australia earlier caveat PPI. They requested that there are three members of the PPI is included in the group to follow, record and inform all activities while in Australia. However, the Commission VIII DPR does not respond well.

"Accordingly, PPI Australia again recommended to the House of Representatives Commission VIII to realize them in the House of Representatives Commission VIII efforts to foster transparency of information between people with Commission VIII of the interests of the people," said Muhammad Subhan Zein, general chairman of PPI Australia, through broadcast press told AFP on Wednesday (04/27/2011).

Not only that, PPI Australia also requested that there was a program of dialogue between students, citizens of Indonesia and the Indonesian media in Australia. Including utilizing the resources of information among students relating to the mission of a comparative study.

"In addition, PPI believes Australian House of Representatives Commission VIII can also optimize the role of the Alliance of Indonesian Students Association International / OISAA whose members PPI from 45 countries to compare further the poor handling is also done in other countries," he added.

Earlier, Vice Chairman of the Commission VIII of FPKS, Ahmad Zainuddin, said the House of Representatives Commission VIII visited the Australian parliament was in recess (holiday session). But this visit is not used to travel to the land of Kangaroos.

The delegation will be in Australia until early May 2011


Minister for Tourism Not Know There 'Bikini Party' in Lagoi

Lagoi tourist areas in Riau Islands province (Riau Islands) will be the arena Beach Fashion Party (BPF) from Fashion TV. This event is rumored to reap the controversy because there is a bikini parade. How Culture and Tourism Jero Wacik reaction?

"I do not know," said a brief Jero told AFP on Wednesday (27/04/2011).

Jero claimed to have received reports from his subordinates about this event. Included will be a main party newspaper bikini.

"I do not know, whatever I fear the answer is wrong," he continued.

BPF performance plan previously disclosed the Head of Riau Islands Province Tourism Office, Guntur in talks with AFP on Tuesday (26/03/2011). According to him, the event is on the agenda of Tourism Bintan regency, Riau Islands, as the host and are maintained by an international television station that is Fashion TV.

The existence of oblique accusations from the public because it would be a bikini to show off the event, according to Gunter had not yet know for sure about it. However, if there is a bikini clad event, it was not a problem. The event was held in a special place and not in public.

Riau Islands MUI Chairman, Tengku Azhari, protest activity. According to him, to attract foreign tourists visiting Indonesia, not necessarily the Indonesian culture and religious values ​​can dilabrak granted.

"We oppose the event if they confront a number of religious rules. Attract foreign tourists are not necessarily justify any means. We will write to relevant parties who will conduct it," said Azhari.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Criticized, Sasha Grey Fear in Indonesia

The rise of imports in movie porn star Indonesia get criticism from some parties, one of which organization the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI). According to film producers 'Pocong Bath Shake Hips' KK Dheeraj, major movie star, Sasha Grey afraid to come to Indonesia.

"He heard the criticisms, I also heard. So I do not think have come from the complicated. sakali Unfortunately, the American stars could not step foot into Indonesia due to hear criticism like that. They are afraid," said Dheeraj at a news press the Platters, Setiabudi, South Jakarta, on Monday (4/25/2011).

According to Dheeraj, Sasha is no longer living as a porn star. He also regretted the attitude of some parties that too cornered her for producing the film.

"Rumor I also want expelled from Indonesia, perhaps those who want to drive I do not know, I was born in Indonesia and I WNI. I was born here, but my school in India. Parents of all of Indonesia," he regrets.

Dheeraj said 'Shake Hips Pocong Bath' is intended for adults. The movie which also stars actress Sheza Idris also has sought a number of countries.

"Seven states are already interested in the same film confirm this. I am again talking again in the same two countries, a total of nine. Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Taiwan, Philippines, and Canada. In Europe and LA, a special TV show I'm still talking,"he believes self.

Custom Data on the iPhone 5
A picture surfaced iPhone 5. Wait a minute, this is not the official picture from Apple but the invention of a technology activist.

Joshua Topolsky who used to work on leading technology site, Engadget, making the picture. Claims, he was not home made ​​but based on a description of a source. Perhaps this also is one of several prototype form of the iPhone 5.

If seen, this 5 custom iPhone look very different from previous generations. Weird maybe for some people or even elegant, depending on the subjectivity of assessment.

Area home button is said to recognize the gesture-based navigation. Meanwhile, right and left casing boundary in imaginary picture is missing, filled with 3.7-inch screen. Retina Display technology is still a promising display of images brilliant.

Quoted from PCWorld, Monday (25/04/2011), this phone is supposedly going to be thinner than the iPhone 4. Of course it is still a speculation because there has not been any official statement from Apple.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

How to Generate Unique Sex Passion

There's always new things that can make your sexual activity more enjoyable. The key is, never stop to explore and find out the techniques through books or the Internet. Possibly, the objects that exist in your home can be a 'property' which effectively increase your passion and your partner.

"When couples say they are tired of having sex, it was not because of her sex, but how they do it. Get out of your comfort zone and create a new atmosphere that is more interesting and challenging," said Laurie Mintz, author of 'A Tired Woman's Guide To A Passionate Sex ', as quoted from iVillage.

These objects may often you see at home. But with a little creativity, objects 'normal' this could be a kind of 'sex toys' that make your sexual activity more enjoyable.

1. White T-shirt
Take the him a bath together, but do not loose all your clothes. See you bathing in the shower, with transparent white t-shirt that shows the silhouette of the body to arouse lover. According to research, he will be more excited to see women dressed in half-open than a woman without any clothes. When the shower, ask him to pour the soap and rub it into your body.

2. Pearl Necklace
Not to be worn around the neck, but to create a unique sensation of your partner during foreplay. Use pearl beads as a masseuse in the back, chest, or he's genital area. This movement will create a unique massage sensation that made him squirm tickled. For a more powerful sensation, and apply olive oil to a pearl necklace, wrap to the area Mr. Happy and move upward and downward repeatedly.

3. Pajamas
When the he would go to work in the morning, get out of the room with loose pajamas and forward buttons a bit open to show a little 'assets' you. Give hugs and kisses, and tell him to immediately go to the office and immediately closed the door of the house. This will surprise and curiosity, so that he can not wait to fondle you when he got home.

4. Rubber Ball
You know the big ball of rubber which is used during the exercise at the gym? The tool is called a 'rubber ball'. In addition to fitness, it was a rubber ball can also be the 'property' to your sexual activity. Take this rubber ball on the bed, and use when you make love. Header from a rubber ball that will bring a different sensation on your sexual activity.


Fabrics treading Red and White, Charger Police secured PKS Anniversary Event

Players theater Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) trampled the red and white cloth measuring 2x6 meters. This action was done in the event of the 13th Birthday of MCC in Tasikmalaya. Above the action, police immediately stopped the show and lead players into Mapolres theater.

"Yes, when the anniversary is an MCC at the Stadium Dadaha percussion performance art that use red and white cloth the size of 2x6 meters," said Kapolresta Tasikmalaya, AKBP Gupuh Setiono while talking to AFP on Sunday (24/04/2011).

According Gupuh, cloth is used as the base and were trampled by the players. "So we're taking action termination event," he explained.

After the event is stopped, the players were escorted to Mapolresta for questioning. "Still we go into this event whether or not there are criminal elements," said Gupuh


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Intelligence Men On Women's Five Points

WHAT is a barometer of human intelligence? Scientifically intelligence can be measured using psychometric tools commonly referred to as an IQ test. Intelligence is closely related to cognitive abilities possessed by individuals. Because intelligence, used to describe the nature of mind which includes a number of capabilities, such as the ability to reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, comprehend ideas, use language, and learning.

According to the results of academic research in Britain shows that men are smarter than women. Baroness Susan Greenfield is one of the famous scientist in England. Professor of neurophysiology at Oxford University is concerned with the fact that only 10% of the country's professors are women. Then, if there are glass ceilings that keep talented women scientist's career? It has been decades of laws against sexual-discrimination is made, but why laboratories in England did not produce many female scientists?

Richard Lynn, Professor Emeritus of Psychology University of Ulster, UK, as reported by Dailymail, stated "It is my opinion based on a lifetime of academic research. That there is an explanation which I know will cause howls of anger feminists. "

In a new study by the University of Manchester England, published in the British Journal of Psychology says that the average male IQ five points higher than women.

Research conducted Paul Irwing, senior lecturer University of Manchester, together with his colleague Richard Lynn, who was previously published scientific papers on the topic, told the Times Higher Educational Supplement that they have found evidence to support his conclusions.

Review held British psychology society involves 80 thousand participants who were asked to undergo an IQ test and 20 thousand students for further research.

Irwing mentioned that there was no difference in IQ between women and men up to age 14 years, but above that age or mature, male IQ five points higher than do women. Not a big difference, but enough has very important implications.

"This is certainly contrary to the background of a woman who dramatically beat the men in education and employment achievement," added Irwing.

Especially the imbalance between the sexes that demand jobs that require high intelligence. According to Richard, at levels approaching genius (IQ 145), men more than women with a ratio of 8:1. "That statistic, not sexism," he said.

In this context, he said, Professor Greenfield concern that only one of 10 female science professor does not seem that bad. This, he said, also explains why, at nearly 110-year history of the Nobel Prize, only two women have ever won the award in the field of physics, four in chemistry. In fact, no woman had ever won the award in mathematics for the past eight decades.

In recent years, political power, he added, it is unlikely to suppress the manufacture of such statistical reporting. According to him, is the indisputable fact that at the time of both sexes was 21, an IQ of men have an average score of five points higher than women. "We must look to the field of evolutionary psychology to explain why the male gender has emerged as a more intelligent," he said.

Despite having views not in line with Richard, Irwing adding he felt obliged to put "scientific truth" above personal political conflicts. Predicting the likelihood of the entire population, the results indicate that there are three men for every woman with an IQ above 130, 5.5 men for every woman with an IQ above 145.

The study also offers a cool breeze to women who stated that women tend to work harder. Women with an IQ equal to men achieve "something more" because they are more diligent and able to adapt to periods of continuous hard work.

Meanwhile, President of the University of Harvard, Lawrence Summers sparked a controversial statement at a seminar by saying that one reason men outperformed women in maths and science (science) is genetic.

Some seminar participants left the conference after the statement Summers, who immediately apologized and corrected by saying that the shortage of academic women in part due to the obligations of women who give more priority to the children and tend to limit working hours.


Hunting Cuisine, Ask for Help In Toresto

Hunter culinary rightly try application called Toresto.
This application will be a guide for people who need culinary information. The information presented complete. Starting from the location until promotion program.

Application made by GITS Indonesia can guide us during this culinary tour. Interestingly of this application is a feature promos. We can know from where culinary promotion programs around us.

"We can know there is any campaign where culinary those around us," said Ibnu Sina Wardy, Chief Technical Officer of GITS Indonesia, one of the local application developers of Android when talking with ITGazine on Saturday (23/04/2011).

When tested detikINET, the application is accurate enough to indicate the location where we want a culinary destination. Relying on GPS, Toresto will lead us to the right path.

"We use googlemap features. Accuracy depends on the features GPSnya active or not. But even when not active, the most difference in 100-200 meters from the location you want to go," said the man nicknamed Ibn explains.

Currently, the database where culinary mostly located in Greater Jakarta and Bandung. There are few places in Surat, but not much. But Ibn say that there is a possibility in the future will be added culinary locations in other major cities.

"Hope we can restaurants throughout Indonesia. Since everyone can add their own. Currently in our database already exists 3.000an culinary places in Greater Jakarta, Bandung and there are some in Surabaya," he explained.

The information that we can get from this application is complete. Starting from the menu, prices and even photos of the menus available in the culinary to the facilities available from places such culinary.

"We can know the price of the menu until the picture. There was also a facility anything in it. For example there is live music, smoking area, praying and others," said Ibn.

Raos metamorphosis Pisan

Recognized by Ibn, Toresto the development of applications which named Raos Pisan. This application is a culinary guide for the hunter in Bandung.

"Indeed this is an upgrade from Raos Pisan. In addition to culinary location where a more complete and more broadly, the features that exist in Toresto was far more complete than Raos Pisan," he said.

About the name, said that Ibn Toresto name has a meaning to the restaurant. "Kan to restaurants or to restaurants. We went on alone. But so like accent Madura well," he said laughing.

It's been two months of this application is languishing in the android market. Now it's 5,000 people who download them. In addition to Android, this application will also be lent at the Apple Store and Ovi Store.

"Toresco been downloaded 5,000 times in the android market. And the plan at the Apple Store will be published again. As for Nokia, we're develop. In the near future we will also marketed in Ovi Store," he said.

In addition to features, design of Toresto is also very interesting. So do not be surprised if the review in the android market and on the mailing lists, many of which praised the design Toresto.

"For local applications Toresto spelled out very good compared to other applications. It's based on the opinions of users who reviews both in the market or on the mailing lists. Rating was 4.5 out of a maximum current rating of 5," he said proudly.

The plan application will be added features check-in and badge. So while we're on culinary place, we can tell that location to our friends.

"Yes like foursquare lah. We can check in and will get the badge," he concluded.


Color Purple Concert Justin Bieber Domination

Since morning, thousands thronged Beliebers already Sentul International Convention Center, Bogor. Most of them were dressed in all-purple compact which is Justin's favorite color.

One of them, Dina, teenage daughter who was 16 years old. Dina who came accompanied by her parents, appeared wearing a purple shirt.

"Let diliat Justin wrote," he said.

Sementa, many teens are also seen wearing accessories Justin Bieber. One Beliebers was seen wearing a necklace that read 'mrs. Bieber 'and carrying posters of the idol image.

However, some Beliebers still anxious because until now they do not miss out tickets. previously, for the sake of convenience, the promoter provides only 8500 tickets.


10 Thousand Cars Concert Justin Bieber meets Location

A few more hours, the teen singer Justin Bieber will hold a concert at the Sentul International Convention Center (SICC), Bogor. Currently, more than 10 thousand cars have crowded the location of the concert.

Based on site observations detikhot Justin concert, at 15.00 pm, the organizers have closed the main parking area. Vehicles were diverted to a parking area which is 500 meters from the location of the concert.

Meanwhile, things get bogged down since the exit toll gate of South Sentul I. The cars had to queue to get to the parking area.

Organizers have provided a bus that leads the audience from the mouth of the street to the concert location. The bus-sized and fit for 30 people.

Thousands of fans who averaged a dozen years old, was seen packing the concert location. They also appear accompanied by parents.


Politicians Join PDIP Fever Justin Bieber

Bieber will hold his first concert titled "My World Tour" on this day at 19:00 at the Sentul International Convention Center.

There are unique and interesting of the thousands of cars parked in the area around the arena SICC. A Swift White Car with plate number B13BER parked on the right side of relaxed Justin concert arena.

Not yet known who the owner of the car. However, a number of prospective viewers busy photographing and drawing together mengambiil car.

From the crowd of spectators, appeared also of politicians from the Democratic Party of Struggle Maruarar Sirait took his wife and two children, Joshua (13) and Amaris (7) to watch the concert Justin Bieber today.

Maruarar bought 4 tickets for Red Class Rp1.650.000. "My son is the smallest invite and persuade me to watch the concert today, is today after the holiday recess yesterday, I pay my child's debt to this concert, which had purchased the ticket a month ago, without gratification," said Ara to VIVAnews . com


Artists Join Queued For Bieber

Justin Bieber fans who have started queuing to get into the concert area, not only from among the ordinary people. Some artists also line up to enter the area of ​​Sentul International Convention Center (SICC), Bogor.

Visible Widi 'Viera', Vidi Aldiano, Aurel Hermansyah, Ussy Sulistyowati and her lover, Andhika Pratt, and Mona Ratuliu. Do not miss a couple, Joey Ayala and her husband Anto Hoed, and the petite singer, Rossa, who was wearing a white short shirt.

"Iya nih same with my children and friends, how come so line up like this, I can not VIP. I can not wait to watch the concert tonight," Ross said when met at the SICC, Bogor, Saturday, April 23, 2011.

Aurel, daughter of Anand Hermansyah, also do not want to miss watching Justin Bieber's first concert in Indonesia. By simply installing the pins that read Justin Bieber, Aurel admitted confident candidate to join a number of other spectators who wore full Bieber attribute.

"I came alone does not equal the cheek, because no work cheek, accompanied by his brother, I can Red Class ticket no problem for me, I'm one of her fans. Justin funny, I love the song Baby and other songs just as well," said Aurel.

Justin Bieber concert in Jakarta tonight is a series of "Justin Bieber My World Tour". Gruvi, pop band, will be opening a packed concert audience was about 10 thousand. The concert will start at 20.00 pm.



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