Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Minister for Tourism Not Know There 'Bikini Party' in Lagoi

Lagoi tourist areas in Riau Islands province (Riau Islands) will be the arena Beach Fashion Party (BPF) from Fashion TV. This event is rumored to reap the controversy because there is a bikini parade. How Culture and Tourism Jero Wacik reaction?

"I do not know," said a brief Jero told AFP on Wednesday (27/04/2011).

Jero claimed to have received reports from his subordinates about this event. Included will be a main party newspaper bikini.

"I do not know, whatever I fear the answer is wrong," he continued.

BPF performance plan previously disclosed the Head of Riau Islands Province Tourism Office, Guntur in talks with AFP on Tuesday (26/03/2011). According to him, the event is on the agenda of Tourism Bintan regency, Riau Islands, as the host and are maintained by an international television station that is Fashion TV.

The existence of oblique accusations from the public because it would be a bikini to show off the event, according to Gunter had not yet know for sure about it. However, if there is a bikini clad event, it was not a problem. The event was held in a special place and not in public.

Riau Islands MUI Chairman, Tengku Azhari, protest activity. According to him, to attract foreign tourists visiting Indonesia, not necessarily the Indonesian culture and religious values ​​can dilabrak granted.

"We oppose the event if they confront a number of religious rules. Attract foreign tourists are not necessarily justify any means. We will write to relevant parties who will conduct it," said Azhari.



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