Friday, April 22, 2011

Lindsay Pronk, Dutch Miss Like Pete & Indonesian Cuisine

Miss Universe 2004 finalist from the Netherlands, Lindsay Grace Pronk said very happy with the traditional cuisine of Indonesia. Beautiful 25-year-old model was also very fond of bananas.

"Yes, I really like bananas. I love bananas," he said when met at the sidelines of the photo shoot with the magazine Popular at Hotel The Acacia Jakarta, Wednesday (20/04/2011) night.

Lindsay does not care about the smell of bananas in the sting. He is more concerned about the efficacy of a banana for his health.

"I do not care about the smell, bananas are very tasty. Originally you know, pete was also very good for cleaning ginjalmu. I do not know it right? So I suggest to eat a banana every day," he advised.

If you were in his home in Holland, Lindsay always make pepes fish and chicken soup. The model has a 1.75-meter height was learning to cook from his mother and his grandfather are native to Indonesia.

"My grandfather taught me to make pepes fish and he the only one who has the recipe pepes the most famous fish in the Netherlands. My grandfather was also able to make many other Indonesian cuisine. But for me, my mother is the world's greatest cook,"said Lindsay.



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