Monday, April 18, 2011

Compared to men, the kiss was less beneficial for the immune system of women

Compared to men, the kiss was less beneficial for the immune system of women.
A kiss for good female hormones actually decrease the hormone oxytocin.

A kiss is known to boost the immune system. But the effect of this kiss was different between men and women. But a kiss can also transmit several diseases one of which is infectious mononucleosis (kissing disease).

As quoted in Walter C. book, entitled Affairs of the Lips, Scientific American MIND, and the book ABC of Sexual Health essay Tomlinson J, kiss it could trigger neuronal messages (via the nerve) and the chemical that transmits the sensation of erotic, sexual arousal, sense of both human and melting the heart of intense pleasure (euphoria).

Unfortunately kiss for women it can decrease hormone levels oksitosinnya, whereas the male hormone levels will increase the effect on intimacy with the opposite sex and orgasm.

According to Dr. Andriwanananda, MS as a member of the Association of Indonesian Seksologi in writing, on Monday (4/18/2011) this shows that women need more physical contact to increase levels of the hormone oxytocin, and not just a kiss. The necessary physical contact such as a romantic atmosphere, hug and touch on other erotic areas.

The hormone oxytocin is known as the 'Cuddle hormone' or love hormone because it can affect the behavior of mothers and children and the bond between couples. Oxytocin at the level of the brain play a role in expression, sexual, stress, social, eating behavior and learning ability and memory.

Of oxytocin receptors is a mediator of several behavioral responses, and these receptors are also found throughout the brain and reproductive systems of both sexes, both men and women.

This hormone is naturally released in response to external stimuli received from a person involves stimulation of the nipple of the breast, uterine or cervical stimulation during sexual intercourse or the responses of infants born to move toward the lane. Levels of the hormone oxytocin is also increased if a person will get full support from the spouse.

Also generally people who have a relationship of love will have the levels of the hormone oxytocin is higher than others. And the hormone oxytocin is also helps lower blood pressure and reduce levels of the hormone cortisol (stress hormone).

For that if a woman wants to get high levels of the hormone oxytocin or equal to a man while kissing, then he needs another physical contact to get it.



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