Saturday, April 23, 2011

Overwhelmed RI Invasion Chinese Products

Flood of Chinese products to the trade sector in Indonesia to make the government and domestic businesses to be hit hard. According to the Vice Chairman of Kadin, Natsir Mansyur, China has all along been preparing all products.

"China is preparing for already 10 years ago and all products are standardized and of 5 years is preparing to export to Asian countries through the European Union," he said during a discussion Natsir 'Chinese products flood Makin Mad' at Warung Daun, Cikini, Jakarta , Saturday, April 23, 2011.

He said the government was still not ready to put a halt to Chinese products. "For our own government was not prepared for the flood of Chinese products," he said.

"ACFTA is an enemy nation's industrial program runs but the deficit Rp5, 6 trillion. Throughout the hack to hack the Chinese manufacturers with Indonesia we can not possibly win because of all Chinese products are cheap," said Natsir. "While we are proud of export but it was not manufacturing exports such as mining and oil palm plantations," added Natsir.

Deputy Minister of Economy, said Edy Putra Irawady, explaining, for imports we've been doing security. "Securing our existing import tariff is the top import safety," he said.

Meanwhile, an economist Faisal Basri, considered that with the development of ACFTA in the past year actually increase the value of Indonesian exports to 50 percent.

Faisal Basri indicate cheaper Chinese products due to the strengthening of the Rupiah. "In this week strengthened the yuan exchange rate is very slow, if the value of the yuan weakened because the Chinese government detained, while the rupiah strengthened rapidly once. Do-do has led to the entry of Chinese products," he explained.

For that, he continued, should Indonesia can benefit from products that are stronger than the Chinese. For example, the chili. "Our country itself also has 2 seasons, dry and cold. It automatically from chili to our rubber products over China we have to utilize the gift that is in our country," he said.



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