Sunday, April 24, 2011

How to Generate Unique Sex Passion

There's always new things that can make your sexual activity more enjoyable. The key is, never stop to explore and find out the techniques through books or the Internet. Possibly, the objects that exist in your home can be a 'property' which effectively increase your passion and your partner.

"When couples say they are tired of having sex, it was not because of her sex, but how they do it. Get out of your comfort zone and create a new atmosphere that is more interesting and challenging," said Laurie Mintz, author of 'A Tired Woman's Guide To A Passionate Sex ', as quoted from iVillage.

These objects may often you see at home. But with a little creativity, objects 'normal' this could be a kind of 'sex toys' that make your sexual activity more enjoyable.

1. White T-shirt
Take the him a bath together, but do not loose all your clothes. See you bathing in the shower, with transparent white t-shirt that shows the silhouette of the body to arouse lover. According to research, he will be more excited to see women dressed in half-open than a woman without any clothes. When the shower, ask him to pour the soap and rub it into your body.

2. Pearl Necklace
Not to be worn around the neck, but to create a unique sensation of your partner during foreplay. Use pearl beads as a masseuse in the back, chest, or he's genital area. This movement will create a unique massage sensation that made him squirm tickled. For a more powerful sensation, and apply olive oil to a pearl necklace, wrap to the area Mr. Happy and move upward and downward repeatedly.

3. Pajamas
When the he would go to work in the morning, get out of the room with loose pajamas and forward buttons a bit open to show a little 'assets' you. Give hugs and kisses, and tell him to immediately go to the office and immediately closed the door of the house. This will surprise and curiosity, so that he can not wait to fondle you when he got home.

4. Rubber Ball
You know the big ball of rubber which is used during the exercise at the gym? The tool is called a 'rubber ball'. In addition to fitness, it was a rubber ball can also be the 'property' to your sexual activity. Take this rubber ball on the bed, and use when you make love. Header from a rubber ball that will bring a different sensation on your sexual activity.



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