Monday, April 18, 2011

Medications side effects can Treat Other Diseases

In addition to having efficacy or indication, each drug also has side effects that are generally always be avoided. But there are also some drugs that side effects are even more useful and widely used than the actual indications.

From the Over the Counter (OTC) or free drug, detikHealth been reviewing some of the drugs side effects can be used for other purposes. Among other acne medications that can treat hemorrhoids and asthma medication to stop the bleeding.

Not only free drugs, hard drugs are used in the treatment of chronic diseases are also many who functioned outside indinasi actually. Alternative medicine use is not in gudeline or official guidelines for medical personnel, but is used by the experiment.

Some drugs used for medical personnel have a hidden benefit, among others, as follows, as reported by detikHealth on Monday (4/18/2011), of WebMD, and Guardian.

1. Cancer drug to prevent blindness
Although its main function is to treat colon cancer (colon cancer), injection of Avastin (Bevacizumab) used by eye doctors in Europe to prevent macular damage due to the aging process or AMD (Age-Related Macular degenerative). AMD is one of the triggers of blindness in the elderly.

2. Hypertension drugs for sex excite
Although very popular as an impotence drug, Viagra (Sildenafil) was originally just used as a heart medicine and pulmonary hypertension or high blood pressure in the lungs. Just because side effects can generate an erection, these drugs eventually even marketed as anti-impotence in men.

3. Epilepsy drugs to cope with mental disorders
Initially, the drug carbamazepine antikejang in patients with epilepsy. But lately this drug is also used to overcome various psychological conditions such as concentration of attention and hyperactivity disorder (GPPH), schizophrenia and post traumatic stress disorder.

4. Anti-inflammatory to improve lung function
Known as anti-inflammatory steroid dexamethasone used in the treatment of joint pain or arthritis. A study at the University of Southern California shows, this drug can also improve lung function abnormalities in the fetus and newborn.

5. Laxatives to prevent preeclampsia
As a daily medication, British Salt or Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4) is known as a laxative to overcome difficult defecation. Other benefits in obstetrics clinics is as an alternative pengatasan for preeclampsia or high blood pressure in the birth process, particularly in infants born prematurely.

6. Headache remedy to overcome dandruff
As a pain reliever, aspirin is very powerful relieve headaches. However, this drug is also known for having many benefits, among others expelled dandruff by mixing crushed tablets are already on the shampoo used for shampooing.



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