Tuesday, April 19, 2011

No wonder the New Indonesia Build Nuclear Power Plant in 2100


Utilize the new Indonesian Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) to meet the energy needs of electricity in the new energy could be used in 2100. Because in that year, Indonesia is considered to have good governance and proper safety standards.

This was conveyed by the former Minister of Environment Sony Keraf in discussion 'Should NPP Built In Indonesia To Meet the Needs of the National Energy' held at Assembly Hall, University of Indonesia, Depok, West Java, on Tuesday (04/19/2011).

"I do not agree to the construction of nuclear power plants in 2030, I think more fit, built in 2100," said Sony, which once served as Minister of Environment in 1999-2001 the Union cabinet.

He explained that Indonesia has not been able to build nuclear power plants in the near future because it was not ready in terms of technical, economic, environmental, social psychological, and moral.

"If we already have good governance is good, then we can build these nuclear power plants. Because this discourse includes all aspects of nuclear power plants not only in terms of technical and moral. Just as our safety culture, I admit we still do not quite have a safety culture that good. For example, we see example to the Cilacap refinery there, had to fire five times this happened there, it's not unreasonable, we still lack a safety culture, "explained Sony.

Still, Sony says Indonesia must not leave and forget about nuclear technology.

"I do not refuse, we just have to keep learning the development of these technologies. However, its use when it should be considered and reviewed in depth and covers all aspects," he explained.

Before building this nuclear power plant, Sony said, Indonesia could learn much from the events in Japan after earthquake and tsunami.

"Not to mention the social and political vulnerability of high security is fragile. Terrorism for instance, who is suspected for example nuclear bomb thrown by a book? Although excessive but it must be considered too right?" celetuknya.

But then again, Sony confirmed that Indonesia needs to keep learning to master nuclear technology, because it can be used for anything else.

"I do not deny the mastery of the technology, I just reject their utilization in the near future. It's (NPP) can be an alternative to the most recent in 2100. With the condition continues to do research and mastery of technology. Nuclear itself, for humanitarian purposes should be given a large place," specifically.




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