Wednesday, April 20, 2011

VW: Beetle Designed Indonesian People, Our People Quality Evidence


unexpectedly there are people of Indonesia in the ranks of the Christian Lesmana VW designers. It was proved that Indonesia had the resources that are not inferior to developed countries.

ATPM Volkswagen saw it in Indonesia PT Garuda Mataram Motor too proud and consider it a basis for the Indonesian capital for growth.

"Proud of all. This proves that we have a great talent," said President Director of PT Garuda Mataram Motor Andrew Nasuri to detikOto on Wednesday (04/20/2011).

Andrew then told me that he had met with Christian around the year 2008. When he admitted it was surprised when there are people of Indonesia in the ranks of VW's design team.

"At that time I first met him in Germany. When I was into VW's office I was introduced by VW design team and he was one of them. Had startled, too," he explained.

Christian himself who designed the New Beetle has just introduced. He also was taking part in designing the Volkswagen Beetle before. The name of the man from Bandung was also seen in the various lists of patents.

As reported by the official website of U.S. Patent on Wednesday (20/04/2011), Chris Lesmana participate on a project and urban family concept car that VW VW Up!.

Chris worked on Up! together with Klaus Bischoff, and Marco Antonio Pavone. Design patents registered in the United States in 2008.

Up! is the VW concept car for urban car. This car consists of 3 variants of the Up! two doors, the Space Up! and Space Up! Blue Van.

Moreover Up! Chris also participated in the project VW sedan in 2001.

"It actually could be evidence that Indonesia could have. If VW would they be serious here. Designers from Indonesia's good, our workforce is also fine. The quality of people we do not lose to an outsider," he explained


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