Friday, April 22, 2011

Latest Mercedes Car Watchtower Bieber into Sentul

Party promoters continue to refine the plan under guard Justin Bieber during stay in Indonesia. Bieber stopover in Indonesia confirmed in a series of musical tour around the world. Not just a matter of who gets the spotlight escort party promoter, but also service. They set up facilities and first class service to Bieber.

"We're already well prepared vehicle Mercedes-Benz latest series to bring Justin to the concert and back to the hotel," said Director Berlain Entertainment, Marcel Permadhi. Diamonds are one of the concert promoter Bieber in Indonesia. According to Marcel, the coordinator is to coordinate a very detail to welcome Bieber.

He said they do not play games welcome Bieber, because a Canadian teenager was a phenomenal artist world. In addition to providing Mercedes-Benz as a vehicle for the Indonesian Bieber, five-star hotel accommodation had been prepared as a place to stay Bieber. Convenience will be a priority, in addition to the safety factor.

In the matter of security, the promoter was working with police. Bieber concert at the Sentul International Convention Center (SICC), Bogor, will be escorted by a thousand security forces. Not only from the police, Special Forces and the Army also will be deployed to secure the concert.

In addition to security personnel, also revealed dogs 6, 100 medical personnel, as well as 10 ambulance units to help smooth the concert. "Security is our seriusi. Start the arrival at the airport, concert preparation, until the time Justin left Jakarta, "said Marcel close the conversation. (sj)



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