Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mystery 'Magnetic Field' Banyumas Answered

Scientists deny the existence of giant magnetic field phenomena in Banyumas, Central Java. Events such as the movement of vehicles pulled in the direction of a 'hill' in the lane was not due to a magnet, but the illusion of gravity.

"It's just an optical illusion or the illusion of gravity," said geologist from the University Soedirman Navan, Mohammed Aziz, in a conversation with VIVAnews.com, Tuesday, April 19, 2011.

Aziz is currently still at the scene of horrendous citizens that, in the Village Limpakus, District Donates. This stunning location is a little street side by side with the small valley or ravine.

When disusur from north to south, by naked eye this little street looks like a hill in the south. Now, when a car or motorcycle that is not turned on the engine stand on the site, both move toward the top of a hill. As drawn by something.

Aziz did two simple experiments at the site. First, the basic experiment with using the tools of the wind direction, compass. Compass is used in a location that does not bother him at all.

According to Aziz, when at that location there is a giant magnetic field, the compass needle will move in an irregular chaotic. "But this is not, a normal compass," said Aziz. With this compass is enough evidence that the location was no magnetic field.

Aziz tried to do a second simple experiment. He threw a plastic bottle of mineral water to the north. The bottle was turned down to the south. "This means that, at that location is not actually rise, but derivatives," said the man who is also expert petrology of this mineralization.

Apparently, the site that looks like a hill it is actually a derivative. Aziz also examine the slope at that location. "True, there is an instance with a slope or elevation of 2 degrees," he said. The slope of 2 degrees is located along approximately 18 to 20 meters. The phenomenon of gravity or the illusion of this optical illusion also occurs at Mount Kelud, East Java.

However, Aziz admitted rocks at the site does have magnetic properties. "Surface rocks here are composed of andesite lava. It has magnetic properties," said the man who graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology graduate.




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