Monday, April 18, 2011

Ford Figo Wait Indonesia Entry

remember with Ford's small car that is Figo. Rumored cars manufactured in India are going to 'epidemic' and promptly enliven Indonesia asphalt road.

Because this time the Ford distributor in the country, PT Ford Motor Indonesia (FMI) is studying the compatibility or not Indonesia's market for these cars.

"We continue to learn the car Figo to here. But apparently not yet know when for sure," said Marketing Director of FMI, Gumgum the sidelines of the launch of Ford Fiesta road show in Central Park in Jakarta (18/04/2011).

In addition, according to FMI also has filed for permission to market the car to the ground water. "And today is also in the stage of the licensing process," sure Gumgum.

But unfortunately Gumgum can not ensure that a small car when it began to be marketed in Indonesia's automotive market. If you look at how the potential of Indonesia will Figo class car, it can be estimated if the car is no longer going to be present in ground water.

"Not to know when can we sell to Indonesia. We must be careful," he concluded.

In Indonesia, Ford Figo will compete Nissan March, the Chevy Spark. Manufacturer Ford is also going to compete with Japanese manufacturers namely Honda. Because Honda is also going to market Brio wakt in the homeland in the near future.

"A lot of competitors here (Indonesia). And do not know how Figo would be appreciated later," lid Gumgum.



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