Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fabrics treading Red and White, Charger Police secured PKS Anniversary Event

Players theater Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) trampled the red and white cloth measuring 2x6 meters. This action was done in the event of the 13th Birthday of MCC in Tasikmalaya. Above the action, police immediately stopped the show and lead players into Mapolres theater.

"Yes, when the anniversary is an MCC at the Stadium Dadaha percussion performance art that use red and white cloth the size of 2x6 meters," said Kapolresta Tasikmalaya, AKBP Gupuh Setiono while talking to AFP on Sunday (24/04/2011).

According Gupuh, cloth is used as the base and were trampled by the players. "So we're taking action termination event," he explained.

After the event is stopped, the players were escorted to Mapolresta for questioning. "Still we go into this event whether or not there are criminal elements," said Gupuh



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