Monday, April 25, 2011

Custom Data on the iPhone 5
A picture surfaced iPhone 5. Wait a minute, this is not the official picture from Apple but the invention of a technology activist.

Joshua Topolsky who used to work on leading technology site, Engadget, making the picture. Claims, he was not home made ​​but based on a description of a source. Perhaps this also is one of several prototype form of the iPhone 5.

If seen, this 5 custom iPhone look very different from previous generations. Weird maybe for some people or even elegant, depending on the subjectivity of assessment.

Area home button is said to recognize the gesture-based navigation. Meanwhile, right and left casing boundary in imaginary picture is missing, filled with 3.7-inch screen. Retina Display technology is still a promising display of images brilliant.

Quoted from PCWorld, Monday (25/04/2011), this phone is supposedly going to be thinner than the iPhone 4. Of course it is still a speculation because there has not been any official statement from Apple.



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