Friday, April 22, 2011

GP Ansor Objection FPI Pengajian degree in Jombang

Ansor Youth Movement (GP Ansor) with about 15 community organizations that exist in Jombang objection if the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) held a recitation in its territory. It is feared that, if still enforced, will create an atmosphere not conducive Jombang.

"Hope we can be conducive atmosphere," said Chairman of GP Ansor Jombang, Solahul Am Notobuono told reporters in Jombang PCNU office on Friday (04/22/2011).

The statement expressed by the following Aam Jombang FPI plans to hold lectures Maulidul Habsy rutinan in Tugu village Kepatihan Gang I, Jombang District Municipality, on Sunday (24/04/2011) future, and the plan will be followed by FPI members from various regions in East Java.

Currently, more Aam explained, it had accumulated the 15 inter-religious and student organizations, namely the PC NU, BKSG, INTI, Ansor, PGLII, PITI, Inscriptions, GKI, Bethany Church, GKJW, PMII, Lakpesdam NU, isnu, LINK. "We've signed a memorandum of understanding objection FPI present in Jombang," he said.

The letter contained the statement, contains 3 points. First, it urged all the security and Jombang district governments to consider events to be held by the FPI. Second, the track record is identical with FPI during acts of violence.

"The third, Jombang is a barometer of religious harmony in Indonesia. For that we are ready to defend its existence that has been conducive," he said

The letter objected to the presence of FPI's statement will be sent GP Ansor to officials, such as, Regents Chairman of Parliament and Chairman of the Jombang District Court, while the ranks of Muspika, Police and Kodim 0814 Jombang Jombang.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Regional Leadership Council (branch of) the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), Jombang district, Habib Abubakar Assegaf in a separate place to the house claim to have SOWAN GP Ansor Chairman, Solahul Am Notobuono in Ponpes Bahr Ulum Rice Pond.

During the meeting, Abubakar asked for permission related to teaching plans that bring about 2 thousand people. "Thank God we were welcomed by Gus Aam. Even Ansor also offer security in the event," said Abu Bakar told reporters at his home, the village of Pulo Jombang District Municipality.

In fact, Abu Bakr said that he need fear nothing because the show Sunday was a routine recitation and socialization. Not the declaration of FPI in Jombang.



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