Monday, April 25, 2011

Criticized, Sasha Grey Fear in Indonesia

The rise of imports in movie porn star Indonesia get criticism from some parties, one of which organization the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI). According to film producers 'Pocong Bath Shake Hips' KK Dheeraj, major movie star, Sasha Grey afraid to come to Indonesia.

"He heard the criticisms, I also heard. So I do not think have come from the complicated. sakali Unfortunately, the American stars could not step foot into Indonesia due to hear criticism like that. They are afraid," said Dheeraj at a news press the Platters, Setiabudi, South Jakarta, on Monday (4/25/2011).

According to Dheeraj, Sasha is no longer living as a porn star. He also regretted the attitude of some parties that too cornered her for producing the film.

"Rumor I also want expelled from Indonesia, perhaps those who want to drive I do not know, I was born in Indonesia and I WNI. I was born here, but my school in India. Parents of all of Indonesia," he regrets.

Dheeraj said 'Shake Hips Pocong Bath' is intended for adults. The movie which also stars actress Sheza Idris also has sought a number of countries.

"Seven states are already interested in the same film confirm this. I am again talking again in the same two countries, a total of nine. Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Taiwan, Philippines, and Canada. In Europe and LA, a special TV show I'm still talking,"he believes self.


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