Monday, April 18, 2011

Most Motorist Violating Traffic Rules in Jakarta

Directorate of Traffic
Jakarta police have been cracking down 103,734 riders during Operation Jaya 2011 Sympathetic held since 28 March to 17 April 2011 then. Of that number, 84,546 ticket, while another 19,188 are given a warning in the form of reprimand.

Chief of Operations Bureau of the Jakarta Police chief Sr. Comr Sujarno said, penilangan made ​​considering the potential breach will cause accidents.

"If you do not have the potential to cause accidents, either himself or others, given a reprimand. Because this operation is not sympathetic character,"explained Sujarno told reporters at the Metro Jaya Police Headquarters, Jakarta, Monday (18/04/2011).

Meanwhile, Director of Traffic Jakarta Police chief Sr. Comr Royke Lumowa states, during the operation, the violation is dominated by motorcycles.

"Violations by motor cyclists reached 56,557 cases. Because it is the number of motors are also more than the private car," said Royke.

He said most violations committed pemotor is not wearing a helmet with the numbers 13 362 cases. Other Violations of the 6273 case against the current, 3875 cases and 3029 through the busway lane through the Traffic Light (TL).

This was followed by a stop line violations markers reached 2783 cases, 1,900 cases were not as specified by the motor plate and 32 other cases violate the ban on parking. "Others reached 2.5310 case," he said.

Other Pelanggaraan followed by public transport as many as 8408 types of microbus that case. Then the mini bus with number 5773 cases, 3125 cases of taxis, trucks and buses 2632 case 2506 case, also transport pick up as many as 1132 cases.

Royke explained, the violations committed by public transport most of the raising and lowering the passenger is not in place which reached 6029 cases. Another violation that is stopped on signs the ban as many as 4503 cases, the parking ban as many as 3120 cases, not equipped with the letters reached 1265 cases.



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