Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hunting Cuisine, Ask for Help In Toresto

Hunter culinary rightly try application called Toresto.
This application will be a guide for people who need culinary information. The information presented complete. Starting from the location until promotion program.

Application made by GITS Indonesia can guide us during this culinary tour. Interestingly of this application is a feature promos. We can know from where culinary promotion programs around us.

"We can know there is any campaign where culinary those around us," said Ibnu Sina Wardy, Chief Technical Officer of GITS Indonesia, one of the local application developers of Android when talking with ITGazine on Saturday (23/04/2011).

When tested detikINET, the application is accurate enough to indicate the location where we want a culinary destination. Relying on GPS, Toresto will lead us to the right path.

"We use googlemap features. Accuracy depends on the features GPSnya active or not. But even when not active, the most difference in 100-200 meters from the location you want to go," said the man nicknamed Ibn explains.

Currently, the database where culinary mostly located in Greater Jakarta and Bandung. There are few places in Surat, but not much. But Ibn say that there is a possibility in the future will be added culinary locations in other major cities.

"Hope we can restaurants throughout Indonesia. Since everyone can add their own. Currently in our database already exists 3.000an culinary places in Greater Jakarta, Bandung and there are some in Surabaya," he explained.

The information that we can get from this application is complete. Starting from the menu, prices and even photos of the menus available in the culinary to the facilities available from places such culinary.

"We can know the price of the menu until the picture. There was also a facility anything in it. For example there is live music, smoking area, praying and others," said Ibn.

Raos metamorphosis Pisan

Recognized by Ibn, Toresto the development of applications which named Raos Pisan. This application is a culinary guide for the hunter in Bandung.

"Indeed this is an upgrade from Raos Pisan. In addition to culinary location where a more complete and more broadly, the features that exist in Toresto was far more complete than Raos Pisan," he said.

About the name, said that Ibn Toresto name has a meaning to the restaurant. "Kan to restaurants or to restaurants. We went on alone. But so like accent Madura well," he said laughing.

It's been two months of this application is languishing in the android market. Now it's 5,000 people who download them. In addition to Android, this application will also be lent at the Apple Store and Ovi Store.

"Toresco been downloaded 5,000 times in the android market. And the plan at the Apple Store will be published again. As for Nokia, we're develop. In the near future we will also marketed in Ovi Store," he said.

In addition to features, design of Toresto is also very interesting. So do not be surprised if the review in the android market and on the mailing lists, many of which praised the design Toresto.

"For local applications Toresto spelled out very good compared to other applications. It's based on the opinions of users who reviews both in the market or on the mailing lists. Rating was 4.5 out of a maximum current rating of 5," he said proudly.

The plan application will be added features check-in and badge. So while we're on culinary place, we can tell that location to our friends.

"Yes like foursquare lah. We can check in and will get the badge," he concluded.



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