Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ask PPI Fakir Comparative Study of Poor House to Australia Recorded

Intention of the House of Representatives Commission VIII members who will study the appeal of the needy people in Australia has been unstoppable. Therefore, the Indonesian Students Association (PPI) in Australia will oversee all activities of members of the Board, including doing the recording.

This request is actually being delivered in Australia earlier caveat PPI. They requested that there are three members of the PPI is included in the group to follow, record and inform all activities while in Australia. However, the Commission VIII DPR does not respond well.

"Accordingly, PPI Australia again recommended to the House of Representatives Commission VIII to realize them in the House of Representatives Commission VIII efforts to foster transparency of information between people with Commission VIII of the interests of the people," said Muhammad Subhan Zein, general chairman of PPI Australia, through broadcast press told AFP on Wednesday (04/27/2011).

Not only that, PPI Australia also requested that there was a program of dialogue between students, citizens of Indonesia and the Indonesian media in Australia. Including utilizing the resources of information among students relating to the mission of a comparative study.

"In addition, PPI believes Australian House of Representatives Commission VIII can also optimize the role of the Alliance of Indonesian Students Association International / OISAA whose members PPI from 45 countries to compare further the poor handling is also done in other countries," he added.

Earlier, Vice Chairman of the Commission VIII of FPKS, Ahmad Zainuddin, said the House of Representatives Commission VIII visited the Australian parliament was in recess (holiday session). But this visit is not used to travel to the land of Kangaroos.

The delegation will be in Australia until early May 2011



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