Wednesday, April 20, 2011

PKS increasingly familiar with the United States

Prosperous Justice Party continues to open, including the intense interaction with the United States through the embassies or consulates. A few days ago, MCC East Java to meet with United States Consul General in Surabaya.

"Actually my first gini, there is often misunderstanding among some in the MCC as it had what kind of stereotyping about America," said Zulkieflimansyah, one of the administrators in the DPP PKS, explain it. "Therefore, one good program is to bridge this misunderstanding," he told VIVAnews in Jakarta, Tuesday, April 19, 2011 night.

In the past, said Zul, America seemed to be identical to George Bush (President before Barack Obama) who has a policy of repression. And for people who often to America, to understand the dynamics, the American people do not all like George Bush.

"Actually it rather than condemn the massive demonstrations that do not like reality, better look in there own right," said Zul.

"Well, thus also with the Americans. They may have a possible stereotyping against MCC MCC considered not familiar with the plurality, have a desire to establish an Islamic state, antidemocratic and so forth," said Zul. "Maybe there is so but the majority do not. So, the programs that began several years ago this hopefully can build bridges of understanding so that there is no misunderstanding."

Zul own, including an active bridge MCC relations with the United States. He admits, initially there is resistance both from within the MCC would also America itself. "But after a long time getting open, mutual understanding, so good in my opinion. When confronted with the reality of society, that radicalism can not solve the problem, it has no place," he said.

Zul did not deny, however, resistance still exists. "Of course the MCC is not a homogeneous community. The way that everybody looked at the association depends on experience, educational background also with whom to interact. And I think a lot of PKS cadres present in the public domain and interact with many people," he said. "We're realistic, my friends in the House of Representatives, Parliament, there is a governor, district heads, mayors, and cook covered will live in a cocoon, is it not so."



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