Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh mercy! A collection of kid in Palembang Sex Party

Genesis in dense settlements in Palembang is really slicing the liver. A number of boys under 13 years caught engaging in sex parties with peers. This act even occurred three times in different places.

This action was revealed when Saman (40), one of the parents of victims, reported to the Police West II Ilir, Palembang, on Wednesday (20/04/2011). Citizens Road New Depaten, 28 Ilir, Palembang, this complaint issues affecting children.

Against this case, Ilir Kapolsek West II, Kompol Aprianto Trie, said today all the boy's parents were called to the Police West Ilir II. Police did not happen mediation for misunderstanding. Moreover, one of the parents still do not accept such immoral acts.

How sad this incident happened? Based on information obtained journalists, these depraved acts began a month ago at Lorong Launch, 28 Ilir, Palembang.

At that time there were six boys initials Sawa (12), Ada (12), Baya (12), Iha (12), Uda (12) and YAG (11). The six boys who all these men in pairs in immoral actions, such as Sawa and Ada, Baya and Iha, Uda with YAG.

A week later, the act of wanton re-occur at different locations in the house Damomon namely, a citizen who is domiciled in 28 Ilir, Palembang. Uda, forced the boy out of school Yig and NIB, little girl who was five years doing immoral acts. It was witnessed by two other boys namely Sawa and Ada.

The third event occurred again at home Damomon. At that time at home Damomon was no celebration, and under the hood this is a celebration of the boys are back doing immoral acts. Uda Yig forced to serve him and the action is witnessed Kan and Narad, two other boys.

"We did it, but in pairs," Uda said as he bowed his head, in the West II Mapolsek Ilir Palembang.


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