Monday, April 18, 2011

There is a magnetic path in Banyumas

(Foto: Saladin Ayubi/Global TV)

In the village
Limpakuwus, District Donates, Banyumas regency, Central Java, or precisely in the area of ​​the Great Hall of Dairy Cattle Breeding of this, the magnetic attraction is felt.

The strength of this magnetic attraction can even withdraw almost all types of four-wheeled vehicles, although the engine is turned off. Strength of magnetic attraction looks quite large, with a proven rate of vehicles on the road is uphill enough.

Some residents who tried to turn off his car engine and then out of the car made ​​shocked, when his car can go back alone. They were chasing her car for fear of crashing while driving a car without a driver. The strength of this magnetic attraction itself is located in the middle of the road with a length of approximately 200 meters.

Many local residents who used to pass this way a new claim to know if the path contains a magnetic attraction. Out of curiosity, they end up trying to prove himself by using his motorcycle.

"Walah Mas, I just know if this path contains a magnetic attraction," said Warjono, local residents in Banyumas, Sunday (04/17/2011).

Meanwhile, according to Agus Chess (45), residents who find the location of this magnetic attraction, said he was then parked his car without using the handbrake. But he was surprised when his car suddenly retreated when the road is uphill.

"When I was my car parked without the handbrake, uh ... all of a sudden the car back sendir. Though the road is uphill. This is exactly in Medina Jabal Magnet when I go to Hajj time, "said Agus Chess.

Although shown to have a magnetic attraction, but the truth has not been proven scientifically. Residents hope, if this road really have a magnetic attraction, they requested that the Government Banyumas can make as a tourist attraction.



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